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Rukavac is a haven of natural wonders, with pristine surroundings that beckon exploration. Just beyond the bay lie several enchanting islands, including the renowned Green Cave. Embark on unforgettable day excursions to these hidden gems, all easily accessible from Rukavac.

Discover four breathtaking beaches nearby, each with its own unique charm. From the iconic Stiniva beach to the tranquil shores of Srebrna, the sandy expanse of Zaglav, and the pristine beauty of Budihovac, there’s something for every beach lover.

With our fleet of boats, including ‘Nono Miho’ and ‘Nono Miho 2,’ we offer customizable sea trips tailored to your desires. Whether you crave adventure, relaxation, or sightseeing, we’ve got you covered.



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Indulge in Coastal Comfort at APARTMENT Dalmatino 2

Unwind at Apartment Dalmatino 2 in Rukavac.

Experience the Charm of Apartment Dalmatino 2

Experience Tranquility by the Sea

Nestled on the western edge of the cape, overlooking the sea, stands Apartment Dalmatino. Our ancestral home, once inhabited by our beloved grandmother Adriana, now welcomes guests to experience the beauty of Rukavac. Villa Dalmatino boasts three well-appointed apartments and a cozy living space for our family. While retaining its traditional Dalmatian stone facade, we’ve transformed the interior into a modern retreat.

Spacious terraces offer stunning views of the sea and surrounding islands, perfect for relaxation. Our apartment, accommodating 2-3 guests, features a fully equipped kitchen, comfortable living area, and a generous terrace. Enjoy modern amenities such as air conditioning, wireless internet, and satellite TV, along with the convenience of a dishwasher and parking.

Located just a 10-minute stroll from the exquisite Srebrna beach, Villa Dalmatino is your gateway to island paradise.

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Our expert guides will lead you through selected destinations, many of which are UNESCO protected, revealing to you the secrets and stories that make this island special. Modra, Medvidina, Pritišćina, Stiniva, Ruda, Srebrna, Rukavac, Zelena, Budihovac, Zaglav, Milna, Smokva… are just some of the magical places you will visit with us. Many of these destinations can only be explored by boat.

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